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Photo kiosk

Among the wide variety of proposals that we make available at Comercialización Diseño y Soluciones SL for all clients, is the photo kiosk , a very interesting alternative for all people who want to have their photographs quickly and effectively.

Photo kiosk always at your service

These are self-service equipment that customers can use because they are very easy to operate thanks to a very intuitive interface, allowing them to learn how to operate in just a few button presses. Thanks to this and the excellent quality offered by these kiosks, consumers will find a very special and reliable ally when it comes to printing their photos .

Counting on a photographic kiosk , all customers will be able to place their order and have their photographs very quickly and with the highest quality, something that will speed up and optimize the time of any establishment dedicated to photographic servicesor who want to include a value-added service to their offer.

Depending on the size of the photo kiosk chosen, a variety of features can be offered to everyone, such as different sizes and print formats. It can work with a single printer or do it simultaneously with two or even three, for greater agility.
There is also the possibility of having a remote operator, printing directly from the mobile via cable or via bluetooth or wi-fi connectivity, and there is also the possibility of printing cards, calendars or photo albums .

These are highly versatile devices that offer high-quality photo printing and other services of great interest to all consumers. With different sizes and formats so that they can be adapted to any kind of available space, but always offering the highest quality and reliability.