Photographic gifts

In Marketing Design and Solutions S.L. We know that when the Christmas holidays arrive it is evident that the fever for giving gifts intensifies and the search for original items to give to loved ones becomes the main objective. But the truth is that there are some details, such as photographic gifts that are useful and very appreciated at any time of the year, especially if you have family or friends who love photography. We have high quality products that we are sure everyone will love.

A list of original photographic gifts

In our facilities we have a huge variety of products to give and surprise your loved ones. Among the most outstanding we can mention:

  • Panel gifts.
  • Stickpanel.
  • 10 page mini photo albums.
  • Albums of different sizes.
  • Magnetic magnets of different sizes.
  • Gifts to hang, stable or magnetic.
  • Kraft paper envelopes.

  • Personalized calendars.
  • Envelopes in which to store your favorite photos.
  • Customizable surprise boxes.
  • Boxes with personalized cards.
  • magnetic frames.
  • Envelopes for passport photos.

Unforgettable gifts with unique memories

If you want to turn that lived moment into something unforgettable, you can do it through the photo panels. Photos printed on super light paper can become real paintings with which to personalize any home. And it is that, although it is true that not all the photos that are taken daily are worth being immortalized, there are some that reflect feelings and moods that you want to remember forever.

So that these emotions can last over time, it is best to contact us and turn them into a unique object. A magnet, a personalized calendar, an envelope to store them in, some magnets to hang on the fridge or wherever you prefer, or even the most classic: a photo album, it can be that gift you are looking for and that others are waiting for. We make your dreams come true, trust Comercialización Diseño y Soluciones S.L.!