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Photographic service for events

We are the ideal alternative for all those who are looking for a photographic service for events , such as weddings, baptisms, communions or any other important event that requires a graphic record.

At Comercialización Diseño y Soluciones SL we adapt to the client's needs in order to offer them a personalized solution that fits what they want.

Are you looking for a company that offers you a photographic service for events?

Within our wide variety of proposals, we propose a solution both for professionals in the marketing world , as well as for those of the HORECA channel (hotels, restaurants and cafeterias) and all those who offer photographic service for events when holding weddings , conventions , events sports , social events , among others.

A professional photographic printing system that will allow attendees to your events to take home a memory of that special day. Our system is totally unattended and can be personalized thanks to the templates included in different printing formats for campaigns , coupons , raffles , promotions , advertising , etc. Without downloading any application.

Connectivity with Smart D90EV is easy and intuitive , with just a couple of simple steps you can easily connect with your smartphone or professional camera, launching photos quickly, simply and automatically, printing your orders with outstanding photographic quality ... and only in a couple of seconds.

Shoot, send and print or if you prefer from the gallery of smartphone / tablet / or hashtag.

Professionals with experience to offer a quality service

All our services are carried out by highly experienced people in the field, so that we can ensure a professional, personalized result that will satisfy our clients. In addition, we offer attendees the possibility of taking a graphic souvenir of the event, something original and novel that is currently being highly demanded.

Another option that we provide is an application that will allow you to print and download images in excellent quality and in just a few seconds.

We are fully aware of the importance of a good photographic work in an event, for this reason we put professional cameras at your entire disposal in order to achieve a spectacular result. You can request information without any commitment, we will take care of solving any questions you may have, in addition, we will provide you with a budget or a personalized study of your situation.

In short, we consider ourselves an excellent alternative for those who are looking for a photographic service for events of any kind. We are sure to adapt to what you are looking for!